The West Shore community of Langford on the southern tip of Vancouver Island was named after Edward Langford, a respected regional farm operator in the mid-1800s. Captain Edward Langford arrived aboard the Hudson's Bay ship the Tory on May 14th, 1851. He was the bailiff of Esquimalt or Colwood Farm, and resided there until his return to his native England in 1861. Situated between Colwood and the Malahat, and incorporating the head of Finlayson Arm and Mount Finlayson, Langford offers an accessible diversity of beautiful parks and lakes and limitless recreational activities.
Langford is one of the West Shore municipalities of Colwood, Metchosin, View Royal and the Highlands, located to the west of Victoria. This region is known as theWestern Communities, or West Shore, and stretches from Esquimalt Harbour to Rocky Point, along the shoreline of Juan de Fuca Strait. Langford today is one of Victoria's fastest growing "bedroom" communities. There is a business and commercial area running from the Goldstream/Millstream intersection to Jacklin Road and extending to Can West Mall on Kelly Road.
Most of the community is served by a municipal water system however there are large parts that are serviced by private wells. Septic tanks and septic fields are the norm though some areas are served by private sewage systems. Garbage pickup is done on a private basis. There is bus service throughout the area. Langford is policed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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